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Corporate Private Investigation Services

In today’s competitive business landscape, the demand for reliable corporate investigations is increasingly crucial.
Whether you’re a business owner concerned about potential fraud, a legal team requiring evidence for a corporate lawsuit, or an organisation aiming to maintain compliance, our specialised services in corporate investigations offer invaluable insights and security.

Why Choose Corporate Investigations?

In a business landscape rife with economic crimes, South Africa leads the curve. From internal fraud to employee misconduct, safeguarding your business has never been more critical. At John Vorster Private Investigators, we offer comprehensive corporate investigation services to protect your business interests and maintain integrity

Who Needs Corporate Investigations Services?


Business Executives: : Concerned about internal fraud, theft, or corruption.


Legal Advisors:: Needing evidence for corporate lawsuits or compliance issues.


HR Managers: : Ensuring workplace ethics and resolving employee misconduct.


Investment Firms: : Conducting due diligence before significant investments.

Types of Corporate Investigations We Conduct

Employee Misconduct:

Harassment, bullying, and other unethical behaviours.

Financial Fraud:

Embezzlement, money laundering, and bribery.

Intellectual Property Theft:

Protecting your proprietary information.

Compliance Audits:

Ensuring adherence to laws and regulations.

Corporate Investigation FAQ's

A: Our experts deal with a broad spectrum of issues, including but not limited to, fraud, theft, corruption, and compliance violations.

A: A proficient corporate investigator combines diligence with speed and has excellent communication skills for effective reporting.

A: Methods range from computer forensics and undercover operations to detailed financial audits and employee interviews.

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