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Background Checks and Screening Services

Why Choose Background Checks and Screening Services?

In today’s interconnected world, trust is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re hiring a new employee, entering a business partnership, or even starting a new relationship, knowing the background of those involved is essential. At John Vorster Private Investigators, we offer comprehensive background checks and screening services to give you peace of mind.

Who Requires Background Checks and Screening Services?


Employers: Verifying the credentials of potential hires.


Landlords: Screening tenants for rental agreements.


Individuals: Checking the background of a potential partner.


Legal Professionals:: Gathering evidence for court cases.

Types of Background Checks We Conduct

Criminal Record Checks:

Verify any criminal history.

Credit Checks:

Assess financial responsibility.

Employment Verification:

Confirm past employment history.

Educational Verification:

Validate academic credentials.

Background Checks FAQ's

A: The cost typically ranges from R500 to R2,000, depending on the depth of the investigation.

A: Employers commonly perform criminal record checks, medical certificate verifications, and credit bureau database searches.

A: Most checks are available immediately, with some taking up to 48 hours.

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